Notes on Reel contents

Disney XD

I was among the first artists to work with the new Disney XD brand. These projects required realistic 3-D background modeling and lighting, complex compositing, and tight editing.

For this spot I modeled, textured, lit, and animated the background, composited the greenscreen footage, and built the final spot using Disney XD's proprietary elements.

DisneyXD1 DisneyXD2 DisneyXD3 DisneyXD4

Warner Bros. Consumer Products

I animated these flat characters in 3-D space while maintaining a painterly feel. For these spots I created, textured and lit the backgrounds and text, integrated the consumer products in the environments, and animated the camera and cartoon elements.

To make the Baby Looney Tunes interact with live babies, I rotoscoped and composited the live footage with characters that I animated using Illustrator, Flash and After Effects.


Toon Disney

I modeled, textured and lit the 3-D backgrounds for these Toon Disney spots. I also animated the camera and 3-D Toon ears.

The footage for the playground spots was originally used in a completely different campaign. Toon Disney wanted to refresh the look, so I pitched and implemented this asphalt theme, complete with animating paint textures and 3-D background elements.



Working with this hybrid brand required me to combine 3-D and 2-D animation within one cohesive world. I rigged and animated 3-D and 2-D characters, modeled and lit 3-D environments, and worked with particles to create these spots.

ToonJetix5 ToonJetix1 ToonJetix3 ToonJetix4

Honda Odyssey

I created this sponsorship spot for Honda based on their commercial in a similar vein. I used Maya to create a lava lamp that resolved into human shapes, then transitioned to Flash for the George Dunning-style ending.

Honda1 Honda3 Honda4


For the special features on Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" special edition DVD, I rigged and animated a duel between a spoon and knife, as well as several other games and scenes. These special features won a DVDA Excellence Award in 2004.

Freelance6 Freelance7
I modeled and animated the factory interior for Disney's "Donald's Laugh Factory" and "Mickey's Laugh Factory" DVDs. This included modeling, rigging and animating 3-D versions of Donald and Mickey.

Freelance3 Freelance4
I modeled and animated the interior body shots of a man drowning in a hurricane for "CSI-Miami".

Freelance1 Freelance2

Student Work

My thesis film, "Leaving Home," screened at UCLA in Spring 2005. I created it using Painter and Photoshop for textures and Maya and After Effects for animation and compositing.